Printing Tips

Printing Tips

How to avoid bad print results...

  • Try not to place your design over seams of the garment. This causes ink to bleed and can look messy.
  • Make sure your color selections are accurate. Pantone color as seen on a computer screen can be different than the actual Pantone from the booklet.
  • When mixing different garment colors, make sure you're thinking of your print color as well. For example, if you print white ink on a red shirt and then switch to a white shirt, you might want a different ink color so you can see the design. ($10 per color change)
  • Measuring tape is your best friend, when we send you mockups for approval, scaling it on the computer is not always accurate. This is why we provide art dimensions on the side. Grab a tape measure and measure it out on a t-shirt to get exact dimensions.
  • When printing on the front of pullover hoodies, make sure to measure your smallest up to your largest, the design could hit the pocket seam and cause that rigged bumpy look where the ink may get blotchy and bleed.
  • Printing over zippers isn't always a good idea as there can be ink bleed.
  • When supplying your own garments and intend to print neck labels, make sure you leave the tags in so we know the size
  • Make sure to research the type of tag the garment you want before we print it, some garments neck tags are already printed inside.