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Call: (510)586-0312 | Email: To Get A Custom Quote
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Our Story


The Garage

Like many Bay Area businesses, H F Screen Printing started in a garage. Running into many obstacles and complaints from the neighbors about the pressure washer running late at night. After about a year of threats with threats of eviction from the property, he had no choice but to find a ace to run out of. He finally found a place in Hayward, CA which is now the headquarters of H F Screen Printing.


First shop ic


12 West Tennyson Rd

After we moved from the garage into a small 400 sq ft shop, our screen printing business grew quicker than expected. It was challenging to keep up with the pace of a growing business.

We outgrew our first shop, and moved next door to a larger 1,500 sq ft warehouse.


Auto press


46 West Tennyson Rd

Just 6 months later, thanks to all of our clients, we were able to move H F Screen Printing into our current 1,500 square foot warehouse in Hayward, CA.