Call: (510)586-0312 | Email: To Get A Custom Quote
Call: (510)586-0312 | Email: To Get A Custom Quote
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  • Heather grey zip up hoodies with embroidery on the front for Kaiser Permanente.
  • Construction safety vests for the Chase Arena & GS Warriors new stadium.
  • Sapphire blue tees with 2 color print on front and back of t-shirt for Kaiser Permanete.
Various color shirts with one color print for United Sports Of America

Feel confident about your custom t-shirts.

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Ingredients for great shirts

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Custom t-shirts for Perfect Cross Treatment
Heather Grey Bella+Canvas tees that are staged getting ready to print.

Super Soft Tees

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Fold And Poly Bag Your Custom Screen Printed Tees

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Hundreds of burgundy tees with a one color print.

Happy People Below.

Brittany H.

Yasir was referred to me by a friend of mine and I'm so happy I went with him! I had 13 custom shirts I needed to make for a bachelorette party. I ordered all the sizes and colors on my own and Yasir did the rest to work his magic!
Everything was really convenient. I contacted him through his website, we texted about my needs, I sent him the artwork via email, sent him my special tees and then BOOM. Just like that, they were done! The quality was great and everyone loved the shirts. I have 3 more weddings this year so if we make custom shirts, I'll definitely be using HF Screen Printing again

Helen F.

I worked with Yasir on two different jobs. I called quite a few local print shop and his pricing was the best. He was able to turn things around very quickly and the work is excellent. I also admire the integrity and customer service he delivered. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Yasir again for future screenprinting work.

Jame E.

Starting your own business comes with many moving parts. The simple things that shouldn't require to much attention like getting our uniforms designed and prepared came very smoothly working with HF screen printing. They are professional and efficient! I will be using them for our future orders.... great customer service! Highly recommend !

Joseph F.

I appreciate the communication and patience given to me during the time spent with them helping me finalize what I actually wanted. Efficient return on what I ordered. If you need some things created this is the place to go. Thanks again!