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A little history about us and how we started.

Since starting in the garage back in 2011, without any prior knowledge of how a shirt is printed, we have learned that the key to building a brand with longevity in mind is to have a solid foundation. From printing for small brands to fortune 500 companies we have taken bits and pieces from everyone and learned a tremendous amount of knowledge.

We’re a creative agency that was founded in a garage in the Bay Area. We wake up everyday to help your brand be valuable.


The Garage

Like many bay area businesses, H F Screen Printing started in a garage in late 2011. From late nights or working, days with zero sleep to neighbors complaining about the noise or the pressure washer going off at night, I needed a change from the garage to up my production and grow from the current situation.


12 West Tennyson Rd.

After we moved from the garage into a location at 12 West Tennyson Rd, our screen printing business grew at times it was extremely challenging to keep up with the pace with having a small location to be able to move around in, but we made it work.


46 West Tennyson Rd

Just 6 months later, thanks to the support of our fantastic clients, I was able to move H F Screen Printing into a 1,500 sq ft shop. Moving was a lot of work, but our new space allowed us to continue to grow the business.


Years of Experience


Happy Clients


Orders Completed

Yasir Mahmood


Established in 2011. In 2011 Yasir created a company named H F Screen Printing. He began self teaching & mastering the art of screen printing in the garage of his parents home. It got to a point where the neighbors would complain about the pressure washer running late at night or during the day. After about a year of threats of eviction from the property, he had no choice but to find a place to run out of. He finally found a place in Hayward, CA which is now the headquarters of H F Screen printing. He has gathered clients from some of the biggest companies: Kaiser Permanente, AT&T, Genentech, Amazon and many other local businesses. HF Screen printing is not just a company, it has become a staple of the community for manufacturing needs that allows smaller visionaries to heavy hitting cooperations to see their apparel needs come to life. In just 5 years H F Screen printing has become a one stop shop for style and manufacturing

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